• Dr. Devki Nandan Jha is currently a postdoctoral reserach associate at Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. David Wallom, University of Oxford and Mr. David Blundell, 100 Percent IT.

  • He received his PhD in 2020 from School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK under the supervision of Prof. Rajiv Ranjan, Prof. Paul Watson and Dr. Xiaoli Li (external from I2R A* STAR, Singapore). His PhD research focuses on Innovative approach for the deployment of microservices in cloud-edge environments.

  • His research interests include Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Machine Learning. He was also involved in design and developement of multiple IoT simulators.

  • He is current working on Trusted Public Cloud project where his main aim to design and develop a trusted environment for user specific applications executing in public cloud environment..

Research Interests

  • Exploring different system-specific problems. In particular virtualization, Cloud platforms, IoT, optimization techniques, simulation, machine learning, security and privacy, networks and anything else that catches my fancy.